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The Law Firm of Mark S. Hanchey is a criminal defense firm that solely specializes in defending individuals who are charged with criminal offenses anywhere in the state of Colorado. Mr. Hanchey has over 25 years of experience in the practice of criminal defense and our firm has successfully handled thousands of cases involving people charged with crimes in Colorado.
Mr. Hanchey has a wide range and varied field of experience having handled every type of criminal case from traffic infractions to homicides. He is also very accomplished in helping military defendants due to his prior experience as an Active Duty JAG attorney at Fort Carson, Colorado.
The Gazette: Colorado Springs Movers & Shakers: Mark S. Hanchey, Attorney
Mark S. Hanchey has been recognized by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys as one of Colorado's 10 Best DUI Attorneys for Client Satisfaction for 2015.
Since 1992, Hanchey has practiced in virtually every jurisdiction in Colorado as well as the U.S. Magistrate Court and U.S. District Court in Denver. In 2000, he opened his own firm in Colorado Springs. He is a native of Louisiana and a graduate of McNeese State and Louisiana State universities.
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