How Bed Bug Remediation works

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Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Extermination

Eco-Rid® capitalizes on the susceptibility of bed bugs to thermal stress to eradicate them in a matter of hours using the proprietary technology of the Thermal Remediation® to achieve the lethal temperature
They treat the infested living space with clean, dry hot air generated by computer controlled heaters then circulated by high velocity fans to achieve a bed-bug lethal temperature of 135 deg. F throughout the space (about the same temperature as a parked car on a sunny day). However, the temperature is safe for nearly all household items.
Client preparation is minimal, and there is no need to discard furniture, mattresses, clothes, etc.
The heating process is constantly monitored by trained technicians using an array of remote sensors. Additionally, the data is electronically recorded for assessment and quality assurance.
Eco-RidŽ guarantees the results for a FULL MONTH! They also offer inspection, detection and monitoring services. In multi-unit settings (dorms/ apartments or motels/hotels) they also apply a non-toxic Eco-barrier to inhibit re-infestation via immigration from adjacent units.

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